Set Your Business at the top of the searches

It is always said that visuals are the most prominent memories which reside in the brain. We remember the things which we see more than what we read. Today’s world is a world of digitalization and advertisement. Frequently we get attracted to adds which are displayed on the search engine regarding different brands and products. This is where Google Ads Services also known as Google Adwords plays its crucial part by advertising your Business on google searches.

We create campaigns that attract and converts. Our high-performance Pay Per Click service focuses on maximum conversion while reducing the costs eventually. Through Google Ads services we optimize the relevancy of ads and content of landing page in such a way in order to improve the Pay per Click and online conversion rate. We have a team of certified Google Ads experts who work to improve the overall quality score of your website account getting the most visits to the website

Set Your Business at the top of the searches
Let Us Bring More Leads On Your Website

Let Us Bring More Leads On Your Website

With a team of experienced professionals, we work to make your business rank high in google search ranking . The advertising designers at design advertise in such a manner so that the advertisement can instantly connect with the requirement for which it is created .We create Google Ads which are relevant enough to let your brand sell on the world’s most popular search engine. Our soul moto is to create advertisements that can render double revenue per click to the client. We at provide expert Google Ads Management to provide real-time results.

With the help of full-stack designing and development team, we create highly creative and effective advertisements along with powerful and relevant landing pages to improve the metrics of our campaign which results in high ranking of your website. We analyze and determine the best keywords which can become the foundation of a successful campaign which in turn incentivizes the Google Ads platform to give the best rating for each of the keywords used which are targeting towards a more efficient investment


Experts specialized in Google
Ads Management services


Making brand discoverable by positioning it beside leading brands and influencers with unique and relevant keywords in google searches.

Competition analysis

Adding a unique approach to banner ads on AdSense and Double Clicking advertising networks on display networks


Provide creative advertising message which is analyzed and tested to ensure optimum conversion through A/B Testing


We ensure that you invest in the most relevant keywords for a successful Pay Per Click campaign


A perfect landing page for users who land on your website through paid ads to ensure to convert them into sales


Our Aim is to achieve long term cost reduction results for clients by abiding by the metrics set by Google Ads

Why Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Why Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click Advertisement, is a powerful online marketing tool that is mostly associated with Google. Every time someone clicks on an ad, the advertiser has to pay the search engine a fee, which gives PPC the real essence of pay-per-click. The users who are looking for certain products and/or services are likely to click on the ads. The core objectives of 88Gravity expert personnel as your reliable Google ads service in Gurgaon are, generating leads, increasing sales, and promoting brand awareness in real-time. 

We find what people are searching for and how you can target them with the experts working on your goals, at 88Gravity, the top-notch PPC service in Gurgaon!

Increase Your Reach With PPC Marketing Campaigns

PPC has always been one of the salient features towards making your website outshine the online throat-cutting competition. Put your best step forward while you pay for ads. This is where Google ads services come into effect!

Expand your Keyword Treasure

Scour for the ideal keywords through relevant keyword analysis tools. Also, watch out for the keywords your competitors are performing well at. Target the ones that are less in competition and yet relevant as searched by masses. We have an eye for poor keywords that aren’t performing well but could lead to high cost per lead. Also, we cut off the negative keywords that may make a negative impact on the ad clicks.

Geo-targeting is the key

We focus your PPC ads with geographic-specific locations for all the products and services depending on the distance reports, thus, reducing costs per campaign while increasing ROI.

Revitalize the Landing Pages

Landing pages are the conversion points of your prospects and need dynamic maintenance. SEO enables an optimized, and well-designed landing page that is equipped with good call-to-action copy, A/B testing, that make your PPC strategies stand out from the crowd.

Take a back seat while you rely on the expert PPC services in Gurgaon. Catch Hold of the brilliant strategies that get you clients from awareness to conversions in a go!

Why Hire 88Gravity for PPC Service?

Why Hire 88Gravity for PPC Service?

Who does not want to see their business rise in leaps and bounds? Before you wander searching for the right PPC agency in Gurgaon, we are to get all your needs covered. Although digital marketing is a steady process that cannot be rushed to gain instant results, the use of state-of-the-art tools and refined strategy depending on the search engine algorithms. 

88Gravity is one of the best digital marketing agencies that fulfills business needs of almost all business domains with in-depth analysis and all encompassing strategies representing your business online. Rather than relying on some vendor, you can choose a method that isn’t consuming time, effort, and money with the right PPC company in Gurgaon. 

You can come to a direct conversation about your online marketing goals and run your business better, with ease by cutting overall costs, while you can work with experts who have been working with years of expertise.


Read Most Frequent Questions

How do we deliver the best service of web development

We have a team of experienced and new technology intact Web developers and designers who are proficiently skilled in creating compelling graphics and combine design elements. We not only create a potentially successful replica of your goal in the form of a website but also make sure that it is the best to beat the foremost competitors.

Where Can You Advertise With PPC Ads?

Also known as Pay-Per-Click, PPC is offered by the social networks like Facebook and Twitter in the form of Facebook and Twitter ads, search engines like Google as Google ads.

Do People Really Click On Online PPC Ads?

People do click on paid ads if the product or service interests them. For each ad clicked, the marketer ought to pay the search engine.

What businesses can/ should advertise online?

Irrespective of domains, both SMEs and MNCs can run PPC campaigns to drive traffic and generate potential leads to reach out to real-time audiences and flourish their ROI.

Why do you need a web presence for web development

A Website provides a company with a platform to make its presence online. A website uniquely defines or portraits a business or a brand in a way in which it is desired to be seen. Making your presence online gives your business and brand a platform to reach out to customers at the global market making the brand accessible from any part of the world.

Why Advertise With Pay-per-click Ads?
How Often Should I Check My PPC Campaigns?

In today\'s world, it is very important to reach out to each and every individual searching for any brand at the right time and at an affordable cost. Google Ads services play a very important role in this scenario. Google Ads offers a very interesting and wide range of options for advertisers to explore ways to cut short or reduce their advertisement costs and maximize the impact of there budget which increases their business growth.

With the passage of time, there client\'s business can increase their conversion rates and also retain visitors which can reduce the cost incurred. Through Pay Per Click advertising of Google Ads Management advertisers buys visits to there sites in place of attempting to make it possible through traditional options. Google Ads Services includes Search Engine Advertising which is also one of the ways of Pay Per Click advertisement. Our long term goal is to ensure that the pay per click marketing campaign of the client becomes an investment which is worth for the client. It can in terms leads the business to become a digital marketing platform that can manage funds of its own.

What exactly are Google Ads? To define Google Ads Services it is an advertising platform that is provided by Google to broadcast any brand when any search is performed. It in terms increases the visibility of the brand providing faster visits to the brand which in term increasing the reach of the brand towards the customers. It is a platform that allows a business to target its customers in a most specific manner.

There can be different types of ads, it can be text ads or video ads as well and when any click or action is performed through audiences on the ads, it performs a certain action to take the customer to the website for further details . This in Google Ads terms is called conversions. At our aim is to provide prolific facilities through Google Ads where the client\'s business can be boosted by expertly and proficiently enhancing the conversion rate of the client\'s business and also retain visitors of sites to reduce the cost incurred. Using the process of smart automation and conversion tracking we track the activities which happen on the ad when an individual clicks on the ad links

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