In this competitive business world, designing and executing an effective marketing campaign for your business is not that simple task. It demands extensive knowledge, vast experience, and a panel of strategies. Even though you will be able to create it, determining its success might become a more complicated job. But, many of the marketing experts opine that the computation of lead-based ROI is one of the best available options to determine the overall success and impact of any specific marketing campaign (Adwords Services) or strategy. With it, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your efforts associated with the marketing lead generation through determining how many of the leads are converted into the actual sales.


ROI Based Leads Important

When your business invests a significant amount of money in any marketing strategy, then naturally you will try to understand what is its overall effectiveness and how it is providing benefits for your business. But, measuring these aspects is not easier in terms of numerical values. In such conditions, you can consider the Return-On-Investment (ROI) computed by taking marketing leads into the account. Here, the term marketing leads refers to the prospective clients whom your business is attempting to attract via extensive marketing and promotional efforts. 

Numerous digital marketing firms across the world offer professional services for both generating marketing leads as well as measuring the impact of your marketing efforts at a competitive price. Located in the prominent city of Gurgaon, our 88Gravity is one such firm and is recognized for providing result-oriented Leads Services in Gurgaon.

ROI Based Leads Important

Calculated Based on Marketing Leads

The Return-On-Investment or ROI is the percent value. When you deduct the overall cost spent on converting your marketing leads into actual clients from the revenue generated by offering products or services to this set of marketing leads for a specific period, you will get a specific amount. Further, when you divide this value by the same cost spent on these marketing leads conversion you will get the ROI.

For example, assume that you spent around Rs. 1500 to attract 5 business clients who gave you Rs. 2500.

Then, ROI would be (Rs. 2500 – Rs. 1500)/ Rs. 1500 = 0.66 = 66%. Even if this ROI is more than 1% then, also it is considered as good for your business growth.


Complete Web Designing Services

The below-listed services are among the result-oriented leads services offered by our 88Gravity’s experts. These services not only focus on measuring ROI for your marketing strategies but also assist in generating more marketing leads for your business.

Effective Advertising

Our team will design content-rich advertising campaigns for your business suitable for multiple communication channels such as television, print, and social media.

Direct Mails

Our team will send personalized emails to your target audience consisting of complete information on your business practices and product range.

Refferal Teams

Our team will provide competent referral teams for promoting your business and expanding its reach through networking.

Mouth of Word

Our team will create unique yet impactful campaigns rich with engaging content to optimize your mouth-of-world marketing strategies.


Our team regularly mail information-rich newsletters for your marketing leads to keep them updated with your existing products and new launches.


Our team helps your business in building a strong network through referral marketing, viral marketing, and seminars/workshops.

Crafted by a highly experienced team of 88Gravity – the best firm for offering Leads Services in Gurgaon, these leads services will offer professional assistance for your business with regards to marketing lead generation and measurement of the overall impact of your marketing efforts. It is a well-known fact that effective marketing campaigns and an understanding of lead-based ROI will enable you to fine-tune your marketing efforts. Therefore, contact our team of lead generation experts at the earliest for better results.


Computing a Lead-based ROI

Enables you to understand the impact of your different marketing tactics and strategies
Assisting in analysing the performance of your sales and marketing teams
Helps in evaluating the productivity of different sales channels
Enables you to segregate your clients based on their average order value
Design custom strategies for the clients who offer you more business

With the assistance of the above-mentioned advantages, you can easily optimize your marketing and promotion strategies to yield better results after calculating lead-based ROI for your business. However, most of the time you will encounter difficulties in computing ROI for different marketing strategies as well as sales channels. In this condition, 88Gravity, one of the top-rated Leads Services in Gurgaon offers cost-effective professional services for your assistance in this regard.


Read Most Frequent Questions

Why is calculating ROI based on leads or PPC important?

Every digital marketing service along with AdWords Services in Gurgaon focuses on improving its ROI. When any business invests a significant amount of money to generate more sales leads or to pay for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) through online, naturally, it desires to earn more revenue for these approaches.

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Strategy?
What is ROI in Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

In digital marketing, it refers to Return On Ad Spend, a percent value obtained by deducting PPC cost from PPC revenue and dividing by PPC cost. For example, if the PPC revenue is Rs. 1500 and PPC cost is Rs. 1000, then RIO would be (Rs. 1500-Rs. 1000)/ Rs. 1000 =0.5 =50%.

What is a good ROI in Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

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