The growth in technology and the rise of social media significantly impacted the traditional marketing approach. Along with the conventional marketing channels and communication systems, the marketing and branding strategists are highly focusing on making optimal utilization of the contemporary social media networking sites as well. As different social media platforms are occupying a considerable part of our daily life, they are considered as one of the most effective vehicles for any business to communicate its business with its target audience.

What Is

Social Media Marketing

It refers to a marketing technique where different social media networking sites are used for connecting as well as communicating with the target audience of your business. The products and services offered by your business will be promoted through these social media platforms to drive sales orders. In addition to that, you can also create awareness among your audiences about your business practices, investments, and new launches.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Important Today

Social media holds a foremost position among different broadcasting platforms such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and many more. It enables your business to expand its reach locally, nationally, and internally in the limited budget as well as time. You can also customize your promotional strategies for any specific region to optimize the overall results. As these strategies reach your target audience more quickly and effectively, creating as well as building impactful social media marketing strategies becomes the most crucial marketing aspect for your business.

These days, most of the prominent digital marketing firms across the world offer result-driven social media services for your business. You can include the top-rated online marketing firms that provide professional Social Media Services in Gurgaon in this list as well. Our firm, 88gravity, one of the well-recognized firms in the digital marketing domain offers high-yielding and cost-effective Social Media Services in Gurgaon.


What We Offer

Social media marketing mainly focuses on interacting with your customers and building a healthy relationship. These marketing tactics are also effective in generating more prospects and converting them to sales. We at 88gravity have a valuable set of tools that can drive your business in the right direction and expand your brand.


We ensure that your posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter manage to engage more customers through likes, shares, and comment


Our team is highly skilled in generating more followers to your brand/website through backlinks from different social media platforms


We have the potential to drive valuable results by connecting to the audiences through compelling content and innovative marketing strategies


We are an expert when it comes to collecting leads from LinkedIn. It is one of the best platforms to target genuine customers


We thrive to put your brand right in front of more people so that they are familiar with it


We are well-versed with all the latest market trends and exactly know what it takes to drive sales to your brand

Our 88gravity team builds a highly productive social media marketing strategy for your business/brand after conducting extensive research to get precise insights about your business and product range. It will create catchy and impactful social media posts for your business that are rich in creativity, innovation, and relevant content. Also, it will incorporate amazing images and videos in these posts to double your social media engagements. Therefore, get connected with our 88gravity’s professional marketing strategists for successful social media marketing campaigns at the earliest.

Why Hire Us As Your Social Media Marketing Company?

  • Brands are successfully scoring the highest ROI with social media marketing strategies with some of the key factors that you will definitely find in the marketers of 88Gravity, that is the provider of the best social media services in Gurgaon.
  • Firstly, we create a social media plan that involves a hierarchy of funnel marketing that acts in your advantage. From hashtags to geolocation analysis, we believe in educating and informing your social media audience.
  • We target better by keeping all the factors like age, demographics, geography, interests and other factors that form customer personas.
  • We create quality content that builds loyalty and gathers the attention of your targeted audience.
  • We focus on quality visuals that create an impact on the audience. This enables high engagement, click-through rates, traffic and social shares.
  • Likewise, we work hard on competitive analysis to produce better results with our hands-on the latest social media marketing tools. From keeping a track on the growth of engagement and conversions, we look into the insights of different social media platforms.

From organizing organic results to acing paid campaigns, we have got you covered in every thing that is holding you back from success. Choose us as your social media marketing company in Gurgaon today!


Strong Brand Identity

Builds a strong brand awareness among your target audience

Facilitates highly cost-effective promotion on multiple platforms

Assist in engaging your target audience for a longer-term

Provide an effective platform for your customers to share their feedback

Boost SEO rankings and results on different search engines

Improves inbound traffic and conversion rates for your website
Communicate your business insights effectively to your customers
Makes your potential/existing customers familiar with your new products

The creation of an effective and high-yielding social media marketing strategy requires in-depth knowledge of social media utilization and marketing strategies. However, a team of marketing experts and strategists might offer better assistance for your business in this regard. Many digital and online marketing firms provide professional social media services at affordable prices across the globe. The renowned firms that offer Social Media Services in Gurgaon are not behind in this race. Our firm, 88gravity is one among them and is well-recognized for offering professional social media marketing services well-customized to suit your business prerequisites.


Read Most Frequent Questions

Are social media ads any different?

Social media ad buying is different than any other ad buying. As this quality content is demonstrably more cost-effective to promote than average content. Our dedicated media strategists and media buyers pair careful audience targeting with real-time optimization. The result? Ads that resonate with the community and exceed goals. Pair this with our content creation teams to get the full impact of our Organic approach. Brands have seen reductions in CPE (cost per engagement) of 60% to 80% using this approach.

How does social media marketing work?

Social media marketing involves promoting any business or brand on multiple social media platforms. It helps to create brand awareness and thereby improve sales leads. For better results, the business should recognize the most effective social media platforms as well as key elements of digital marketing such as strategy, planning, and publishing to promote its products.

How do I start creating an effective social media marketing strategy

You can start creating an effective strategy by setting up your S.M.A.R.T goals and determining the target audience segment. Study how each social media platform can assist your business in expanding its reach taking your business practices into account. Don’t forget to take your business practices and budget into account.

Why pick social media?

For many years search engine marketing was the standard for digital marketing efforts. But social media marketing has come to the fore. It is either converging with search engine marketing or supplanting it in some regards. Studies show that companies that do not succeed with social media optimization are neglecting social media marketing. It offers the benefits of strengthening a brand, lead generation, increased visibility in the online space. And also, better connections with a company's audience.

How does social media affect business?
Which social media is best for advertising?

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