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Growth Hacking SEO And Digital Marketing

Growth Hacking SEO And Digital Marketing

Growth hacking is a technique wherein an SEO professional or SEO agency uses “traditional” digital marketing strategies and use them in a unique way to entice and attract an audience for a brand. Constantly new ideas are tested to chalk out what works best for your business, always with a growth mindset.

Growth Hacking and digital marketing goals of business function simultaneously for the growth of the business. With the use of Growth hacking and SEO agency puts to use all digital marketing strategies in a different way, specifically designed to build or expand your customer base.

In order to try and implement growth hacking to boost the digital marketing strategy of a business, you do not master it but need best digital marketing agency on board who have all the strategies on tips The best way to start is with having a professional SEO agency on board and ask yourself a few questions such as Where is my audience online? What does my audience value?

The answer to these questions is what will help you innovate and design strategies for you to use growth hacking SEO to give a boost to your digital marketing strategy.
While brainstorming over a growth hacking strategy, a USP(unique selling point) or a unique product could go a long way in drawing the audience attention. Keep the viral in mind all the mind while working on the idea and you will be able to achieve desired results and catch up quickly with your audience.

Below are some examples to understand how different brands used growth hacking SEO to boost their digital marketing.

An example of an exemplary use of Growth hacking technology is by the musical cum movie Hamilton. The brain behind this ingenious idea was the director Lin-Manuel Miranda whose previous performance at the white house generated the popularity the musical needed and rest of the work was done popular ticket lottery system which resulted in house full sales even before the gates opened for Hamilton. That’s called growth hacking.

Another example of the effective use of Growth hacking SEO techniques is by DropBox. A simple yet very highly effective technique under Growth Hacking SEO Dropbox grew its users with a referral program i.e. current users invite their friends to join the platform. The number of users increased from only 100,000 to 4 million users in 1 year’s time period only and that was some ingenious growth hacking.

How Can You Use Growth Hacking To Benefit Your Business?

It is not necessary to have a huge idea for Growth Hacking SEO to be effective but should be noticeable enough to attract new customers. Just like Hamilton and Dropbox, you can utilize existing resources and use them in creative ways. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel but use it differently to suit best for your needs.

Use of growth hacking techniques and success owing to it should not allow you to abandon all other digital marketing strategies. Even in “traditional” digital marketing strategies, it is not assured that everything you try will work. But, some of the tried and tested digital marketing techniques such as SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click, and more work all the time and make an impressionable difference to and for your business. Our team at 88 gravity comprises of some of the best professionals of the industry making us one of the best digital marketing agency in Gurgaon. Do not wait any more, get in touch with us and give your business the required boost.