Brand identity or online reputation management is considered as one of the most relevant aspects of integrated marketing communications these days. Most of the advertising experts and marketing strategists highly emphasize on creating a strong brand identity. It is essential that to survive in the competitive business world, you need to create awareness about your brand among potential customers. Also, it is more important to keep remaining your present customers about your brand’s existence. It can be done through communicating constantly with your customers either by enhancing their shopping experience or by creating effective advertisements or by creating effective advertising campaigns.


Brand Identity

The brand identity is a collection of visual and emotional aspects that you incorporate into your brand to create the right image in the perception of your existing as well as potential customers. The visual aspects refer to your brand logo’s design, color palette, and typography product. Also, your website design and product packaging are included in this. On the other hand, the emotional aspects refer to the elements of an advertisement such as language, content, and message. Besides, your product delivery schedules and customer support are also included in this.


Brand identity important

A strong brand identity perfectly serves both of these objectives. It creates positive impressions in your customers’ minds and influences their buying behaviour through a well-designed logo/website, attractive product packaging, effective delivery schedules, and great customer services. Apart from this, a strong brand identity also assists in differentiating your brand from its competitors and building a solid brand loyalty towards your brand. It effectively communicates with your customers regarding the quality of your product and service to establish reliability as well as trustworthiness among them.

Across the world, a number of digital marketing and Online Reputation Management firms provide innovative strategies for building a powerful brand identity. Among them, our firm, 88Gravity retains a prominent position owing to its vast knowledge and experience in the online marketing domain.


What We Offer

Let’s have a quick view on the ways through 88Gravity – Online Reputation Management assists your business to build a strong brand identity. Our branding strategies will focus on all the important aspects such as:

Unique Logo

Our team will craft a remarkable logo for your brand by utilizing suitable typography and color palette after studying your products in-detail

User-friendly Website

Our team will create a visually appealing, content-rich, and interactive website for your business to boost your customers’ experience

Attractive Packaging

Our team will design a notable product packaging for your products to make your brand more visually appealing

Effective Promotion

Our team will craft result-oriented advertisements for your brand. These will be designed to suit the prerequisites of traditional broadcasting media

Dynamic Content

Our team will design innovative and catchy promotional materials for your brand to publish on contemporary social networking sites

Affordable Strategies

Our team assists you in designing efficient and effective free samples, coupons, point-of-purchase displays, and sponsorship events to boost your website

Having a strong presence of more than 39 years in digital marketing and Online Reputation Management, 88Gravity is well recognized for its innovative and effective online marketing strategies. Diligently designed by taking your products’ nature, budget, target market, and other aspects into consideration, these strategies serve as powerful tools for creating a strong brand for your business. Well-designed by incorporating national/regional languages, informative content, eyeand powerful messages, these branding and marketing strategies will never fail to seize instant notice of your target audience. Thus, contact our expert team of Online Reputation Management at the earliest to boost a strong and powerful identity for your brand.


Strong Brand Identity

Create a powerful perception of your mind in your customers’ minds
Helps your brand to position itself as the market leader in the respective segment
Assisting in attracting a talented workforce as well as in retaining current employees
Assist in differentiating your brand from your competitors and let your brand remain on the competitive edge in the market
Offers an efficient and more cost-effective premise for launching new products under the same brand

By looking at the above benefits, you can easily determine the significance of a strong brand identity for your business. However, creating it is not that simple task. You require a highly expert team of marketing and branding strategists for it. We, at 88Gravity, one of the top-rated Online Reputation Management firms across the country offer perfect assistance in this regard.


Read Most Frequent Questions

What are the components of brand identity

The elements of brand identity help in strongly establishing the brand in the market and making the brand memorable to customers. Brand identity is useful to effectively communicate the product to people. Some of the important components of brand identity are brand Name, Logo, Theme line, Website, Color palette, Typography, Language, and Advertisements.

How long does it take to create a brand identity
What is the difference between branding and identity

IBranding is a psychological relationship between the business and the target audience. It reflects the way customers feel when they think of the brand. Brand identity is the visual side of the brand whose attractive components help in the easy recognition of the brand by the target audience among the competitive brands.

What is the purpose of brand identity

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