How we Improved a Bakery’s Local SEO to Increase Online Visibility

How we Improved a Bakery’s Local SEO to Increase Online Visibility

Well, if you have ever wondered how you can manage to allure local customers in your region to visit your bakery store or to increase the reach of your business, you must consider carrying out Local SEO practices. Improving the Local SEO of your website representing your business should be on the top of your priority list when you start thinking about ways of enhancing your business.

For almost all the businesses out their marking their presence physically with a storefront or shop, it is inevitable to make sure that the customers in your region are able to find your store easily and conveniently without much hassle. As per the facts stated by research conducted by Google itself, over 46% of all the searches represent people asking for local information or details related to a local shop. 

Each and every business stands a chance to succeed in its field provided that they are able to attract as many customers to their store and are able to convince them to buy the products and services provided in relation to their businesses. The same works with a bakery shop too, and hence, to increase online visibility of bakery, it is important to improve the bakery’s local SEO with the help of a local SEO agency like 88Gravity. The company is experienced in improving the bakery’s local SEO and optimizing for local search.

In this article, we will be discussing steps involved in improving the local SEO of your bakery so that you are able to allure more customers to your shop and earn bigger profits.

Here’s how to improve your bakery shop’s local SEO

Talking further about Local SEO and Local SEO Service provided by 88Gravity, it is a process completely dedicated to improve brand awareness with the appropriate implication of local SEO strategy, so that it can rank in Google Search Results. Strong local SEO of your bakery shop can definitely lead to a higher rank, ultimately making the business more accessible to people searching for products and services similar to yours. Don’t worry, we are experienced in executing local SEO for small businesses and have got some really effective tips for Bakery SEO

First of all, we need to set up a Google My Business (GMB) profile, which will be acting as a short and clear description of what a business is exactly offering its customers. The prime advantage of having your website listed in the directory of Google is that your website will appear on their map in search results.

Google My Business Bakery Business Profile Optimization

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to optimize the Google My Business profile of your business.

  • Optimize the name of the bakery business – It is advised to keep the name in such a way that it reflects the type of activity and location along with the name of the brand. However, it should be noted that you should not flood the title of your website with keywords as it is considered a bad SEO practice.
  • Alter the company’s description – Description is what is as important to the profile of the business as its title. It tells the users about what your business has to offer to them. In addition to this, it should be noted that the description of the business should not include more than 750 characters.
  • Update ‘Type of Activity’ section – Under the section ‘type of activity,’ in your Google My Business account set up, Google allows you to select one major category and 4 other activity categories. 88Gravity laid an emphasis on the fact that the particular bakery acts as a wholesale provider, and categorized it majorly as ‘Wholesale bakery.’ 
  • Add photos – Google lets you add photos reflecting your business and shop and it is surely considered an important feature for all businesses to take advantage of. The several advantages of posting photos include increased trust in the minds of customers, providing the business with a competitive edge, and showing what the business offers exactly.
  • Review Reviews – No, it’s not a tongue twister kind of thing, it is basically focusing on the fact that suggests the more the reviews related to something, the more the chances of gaining higher visibility for the business. Customers build up trust by seeing the reviews of the business.

Register your Business with Local Directories 

There is certainly no denying the fact that Googe My Business is going to be the most effective option for improving the Local SEO of your business, we just can not ignore the others that can contribute to the same. Register your business in local directories to enhance the visibility of your bakery. 88Gravity makes use of Listing Management tools to make sure that your website is optimized for alluring customers and providing appropriate information about the business.

Keep an Eagle Vision on the Results

We will share with you the reports reflecting the impact of SEO services provided by 88Gravity, providing you with a clear view of where your bakery is headed in the future and making sure that the milestones are achieved. 


When it comes to running and flourishing your business, there should be minimized limitations to implement things with certain significance and contribution to growth and profit factors. Local SEO can prove to be an effective way to attract customers to your bakery and to make sure that your business is being carried to the screens of users. What matters the most is the credibility of your business and the level of trust it is able to gain from the customers. Think of it as you are going to shop something, you are highly likely to step at that shop which you have already heard about.