Tips and Tricks to Rank Your YouTube Videos

Tips and Tricks to Rank Your YouTube Videos

A content creator needs to make content that is relevant and intriguing but often struggles with reaching audiences. Rising creators aspire to get their content to the people who need it, and thus comes the need to optimize the content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method used by content creators on the internet to ensure that their content reaches the right audience. By optimizing your videos, you can specify the contents and gather viewers you are creating for.

What is YouTube SEO and how does it help the rankings?

With such a huge base of creators and the freedom of posting content, the internet makes for a fierce market. But with the help of YouTube SEO, creators can do their best to ensure that the videos end up in the related keyword search.

These carefully planned specifications make it easier for a viewer to find what they are looking for, refining the search results. By being mindful of some steps you can obtain a higher ranking on Google and YouTube searches.

What are the tips?

Though there are various ways to make your videos rank higher on YouTube, we have sorted some of the best and easiest ones out. These are easy to use and are recommended by experts here at 88gravity, a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon. These ways can be roughly arranged in two sub-categories- The video content and SEO tools.

  1. SEO Tools

Here are some SEO related ways you can make your video rank higher:

  • Find a relevant main keyword: Many people do not understand the importance of the main keyword in any content published on the internet. A relevant and accurate keyword describing the nature of your content is essential to reach out to viewers.

What this does is that it places your videos under relevant searches which makes the YouTube search refined. Try to opt for keywords that have a balanced amount of searches every month (you can use the Google Keyword Tool for that). Keywords that are searched too much or too less tend to garner lower views. Aim for the ones in the middle.

  • Add a catchy description: Adding a fun description about the content is a great way to get a viewer to click on your video.

Let’s say you are making a tutorial on sewing a dress. In that case, having a short description that explains the nature of the finished product and other details will encourage the user to watch your video.

  • Create a good title: A title, believe it or not, is almost as important as the content itself since it is one of the first things visible to the viewer.

The title, thumbnail and description are components that need to be thought out and created carefully. A good title that compels the user to give it a try increases the clicks on your video.

  • Optimize the contents: Titles and descriptions should include keywords to be search engine optimized. Adding relevant primary and secondary keywords narrows the relevant videos and gives your video a chance to rank higher.

Add keywords where you think they fit but make sure not to bombard your content with keywords as it isn’t pleasant to read either.

  • Add Tags: Adding tags lets your post show up in the hashtag search, the more unique yet relevant your hashtag is, the higher the ranking will be.

2. Video Content:

The video’s content and its many aspects are also essential to garner views and consequently, rank them better. Being experts in social media services in Gurgaon, we understand how important the content is for the audience. Here are some tips for the video content:

  • Add a catchy thumbnail: A thumbnail is a pivotal part of the attractiveness of any video. So make sure you choose a fun yet informative thumbnail for your video.

Since the thumbnail is the first thing a person sees when your video is displayed in a search result, it is important to make it attractive and inclusive of the main content.

  • Encourage users to subscribe and like it: A simple like or subscription by a user might be nothing more than just a click to them. But for a content creator, these likes and subscriptions encourage YouTube to place the video at a better rank.

With likes and subs, YouTube assesses that your content is engaging and loved by users. Keep adding subtle reminders for your viewers to leave a like and subscribe.

  • Make your video consistently interesting: Avoid adding fillers to your videos as they make the viewer skip ahead. Viewer retention refers to how much of your video the users watch. It determines the quality of your content and its ranking and needs to be high.

Though it is ideal to have longer videos, avoid boring setups and add in visually pleasing elements to keep the viewer engaged in your video.


With the help of a few tips, even beginner content creators can make their content more relevant and attractive in their category and attract a higher ranking for YouTube videos.

The video’s content can only reach viewers when your videos show up in the search result, and though this is difficult, it is not impossible. After all, every popular Youtuber once started with no views, thus, you too can follow certain methods to garner more views and higher rankings.